Paddington, Cornwall and cream tea.

Saturday 18th Another early rise today, pack the stuff I didn’t pack last night and make sure all my tickets were handy for the trip to St Austell. A short walk to the station and I got into Paddington in time for breakfast with a certain bear!
I had to catch 3 trains today to get to St Austell all without hitch and all clean and problem free. On the Paddington to Plymouth leg of the journey my companion was a football fan travelling to see his team play Plymouth Argyle he managed to quaff 3 tins of beer before excusing himself!
I had a nice walk to the Duke of Cornwall a large pub come b n b, great facilities and everything last nights gaff didn’t have this one had inc a large deep bath for tomorrow. I stopped at a Costcutters store for some food only to be told that they did not take Scottish notes. My jibe about us not getting our freedom went straight over the ladies head. Once settled in I headed out to St Austell for a walk around and of course a cream tea.
When I got back to The Duke I got my kit ready and organised a taxi to take me to the race. Hopes of an early night were dashed when a band started up so after skyping Muff I turned in and tried to sleep.


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