Post duathlon routine, Ashtons first race and Gumtree success!

Once I had rec’d my chq and a helpful race official had taken a team picture we headed back to the Sports centre where I consumed my recovery shake and headed for the showers.  Stretches a shower and the ever present comp tights on we headed back to Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.

Monday dawned and legs were really tight.  I decided to have a day recovery did some stretches and went t my Monday evening yoga class which helped loosen things off.  No Carol this week as her mother has been ill and needs looking after. I managed to get some stuff on Gumtree and sold 2 of the three items which was good as they had both been on before and not moved !

Tuesday arms and delts at the gym and a run in RCraig park.  5.4 miles in 49:20 inc a 12 min faster session.

Weds I went out on the bike and had a nice easy spin out of 20 miles in 1:35 in the evening I took my Grandson to his first FAC race at Cairnie farm 1K in 6:35!


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