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Road trip-Florence Day 3

An early rise today and downstairs for a bit of breakfast. The start is a mile away from the hotel which will make for a pleasent wee warm up unfortunately in the rain! Details of the race itself will be in another post under my A-Z tab.
Thats it done!
A slower walk back to the hotel and an afternoon spent relaxing with a bath, book, beer and bed. I really love that the Florence restaurants dont open till 6! That was last night might be even later tonight.
Anyway time to get some clothes on and go for a stroll. Pizza tonight with a glass of wine well deserved!


Road trip-Florence day 2

My main aims for today were to collect my number and do some sight seeing. I did not want to spend too long on my feet though. The helpful guy on reception had told me that if I went to the main station I could get a No 12 bus which would take me up to the Piazzale Michelangelo and from there I would get an excellent view all over the city.
He was not wrong a 30 min journey for 2 euros through Florence then up thru the hills plenty to see and a great view at the top.


However even better was to come when I went back to the bus stop and checked the route of the 12 I saw that it want right past the Expo! A 5min wait no cost as the ticket was valid for 90 mins and I was on my way. The expo was near Florences Other main line station so it was fairly easy to know when to get off. The trail of peeps with Asics bags gave away the general direction and then when I got closer it was well signed. As expected it was busy but I did not need to Q for long as there were plenty people on hand to give out race numbers and in a different hall race bags. Having got the bus to the expo I decided that I would walk back to the hotel via some of the sights of Florence and then rest for a couple of hours.



I headed out for some food and found a small place ofering a marathon special for 10 euros. Two courses and a chat to another runner from Milan passed a pleasent 90 mins, then it was back to the hotel and an early night.

Road trip-Florence day 1

Friday 28 November early rise 0610, wash, clothes on and out the door. I hate flying early in morning from Edinburgh. It just seems that if you leave at a decent time you get delayed at the bridge and if you leave in plenty time you breeze across……… 90 mins wait at Edinburgh pour moi!!! Got to the airport and booked in OK then went upstairs to security only to be turned right instead of left they have changed security again. Childs breakfast at Wetherspoons and a coffee. Not too busy although there is a bunch of “hens” at a table getting wired into the pints!
Great flight no turbulence and a window seat also arrd 10 mins early does me no good however as I already have a 4 hour wait until my Florence flight.
People watching, Marathon talk podcasts catch up and time to study my Florence guide.
Flight left on time and was uneventful and another window seat. Customs a bit slow but no problems. Bus from airport to main station 6euros then a 10 min walk to hotel found it no bother. Reception staff v helpful grabbed some brochures and heading for an early bed.

Book Review-The woman that went to bed for a year

Written by Sue Townsend she of Adrian Mole fame a lengthy tome and at first a great read.  It revolves around Eva Beaver who decides to go to bed and not to get up.  Various characters are introduced her cheating husband Brian and her genius twin progeny Brian Junior and Brianne being three of the main ones.

A funny yet often tragic book it just seems to me to end too quickly but you need to get to the end and when you do you are left disappointed.

Health update, cooper test, Florence week.

I seem to have shaken off the bug I had last week an annoying little cough still persists but as I write this , Thursday 27th, it too is slowly disappearing.  I always think   the week before a marathon is a strange one you are in a sort of semi training let me at it mode where you know not to train too much but you (should be) at the peak of fitness and raring to go.  All I had planned this week was my yoga classes, a short easy cycle and taster session for Jog Scotland.  Surprisingly that is how it has been.

I conducted a Cooper test for 10 hardy souls from the Glenrothes Tri Club who turned up despite the cold and rain.  A good effort was put in by those present and I am hoping that it may lead to a new client or two!

Toni seems to have settled down touch wood with the care more or less in place it has taken its toll on Carol although I believe she has now come to terms with it and has accepted there is going to be a new normal in her life!

I leave for Florence early tomorrow and will, hopefully be blogging from my hotel.

Training week 17th Nov to 23rd Nov

Wot training!!

Yoga 1:15

Bike 0

Run 6.4 55:36

Sick, sauna, race, sad days.

Started this week as the previous one ended coughing, spluttering and shaking!  The week was spent mainly in bed and just lazing around reading watching tv going out when I really needed it.  By weds I was feeling slightly better and attended a networking meeting about cycling in Fife.  Thursday I felt like a caged lion and it was time to get out.  I nipped out to drop posters off ay var locations and a run of about a half mile convinced me that another days rest would be required!  Friday I headed for the gym and did 3 mile on the treadmill then spent some time in the sauna.  Saturday I headed for Edinburgh and the CTC Scotland AGM.  I also went to Tiso to pick up the prizes I had won a few weeks ago £380 of Sherpa walking gear!  Sunday saw me line up with over 200 others for the Frostbite trail race episode 1.  In Falkland estate this was a true XC with stream crossings and fallen trees to negotiate and mud, mud and more mud.  I started easy and started to lift the pace till I felt I was pushing too hard. 3.4 miles 28:24 AHR 154 max 177

When I say I had been lazing around that’s not quite true I had been helping Carol with her mum and her cat just sitting with both of them at times during the week.  Eric, the cat at 15yo was looking rather frail and today Sunday Carol took him to be put down.  If you are not an animal lover you wont realise the hurt it causes to see the pet you have had for 15 years slowly deteriorate and finally be put down.  It’s a traumatic experience for all involved.