Jog Scotland, Toni still ill, A Client, The Vigo Thieves and Happy halloween.

The details for my jog leaders course with ScotishAthletics has finally arrived and as normal when dealing with a governing body a screed of other paperwork.  Course is on November the 8th at Heriot Watt uni in Edinburgh.  It looks quite good and comprehensive.  I have already tweeted and FB’d about a new group starting in Kirkcaldy.  There are two already but both in the evening I plan to have two sessions one in the late morning and one early afternoon.

Carols mother has been ill on and off for a few years now suffering from a sort of mini stroke or seizure this last one has been really bad and recovery, usually within days is taking much longer.  Carols brother has come up from Cambridge to help with her care but a long term solution may be required.

Thursday I spoke with another potential client seeking fitness advice.  The meeting was pretty positive and I think I may have my first regular client.  Heres hoping.  He is going for a gait assessment and we are meeting again next week so he can see a plan I have drawn up and go for a run.

Thursday evening with Carols brother “babysitting” we were able to go and see the Vigo Thieves and the Courteeners at the Alhambra in Dunfermline.  Good gig marred by drunks during the Courteeners!

After biking on Friday I headed over to Carols to help her out while she visited her mother and brother.  She came back and went out for a run a wee bit role reversal! After the run we settled down for the night with Big Bang and WallE and headed for bed hoping that Carol could get a good nights sleep!

Saturday was an open day at my local bike shop loads of good offers and half price bikes for sale.  Unfortunately I had to visit it twice.  The first time I took my big sis and her grandson along so he coud pick a BMX bike for his Xmas it took him all of Oh a nanosecond to choose one.  In the afternoon Carol and I went along to have a go on a tandem.  Not great at first but after we sorted balance, communications and gears out everything went along swimmingly!


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