Jog leader, xmas pressies, midweek blog and another client!

Must be a slow week I have  time for a midweek post!!  Lol not really but if I wait till Sunday I will have forgotten half of whats happened.  Thursday morning and I have just completed a wee session of Hatha yoga at home.  Isnt you tube marvellous!  I must admit though I think the you tube vids are only good if you already have a grounding in Yoga.  So suitably relaxed I sat down to catch up and do an update on life as it is!

Having completed the JSL course at the weekend I have been using social media and posters to advertise 2 free sessions with the intention of starting a ten week block in January and hopefully catch people on the rebound from Hogmanay!  There has been interest on FB and twitter so it is really a case of turning up on the day and see how many people are there.

With Muffs mother being ill every day is a bit of a lottery luckily retirement means that I can help when required, even if it’s just cat sitting.

A new client has started with fitfifertraining aiming for a half marathon next March.

With retirement and house move my christmas shopping has really suffered.  Normally I would have started in July or Aug but didn’t get around to it till two weeks ago thankfully I now have fewer people to buy for since the separation so it is easier.  I have bought and wrapped almost all the presents and have only two or three left to purchase!

Training for Florence is going well(see stats page) I have at least one race a month between now and May and am looking at adding more, this year I havent raced much and my speed has suffered because of this.


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