CTC, Mr Turner and sick bed.

Having said how well my training was going it’s now ground to  a halt and I am blogging from my sick-bed!!  Not too ill thankfully but you really can’t afford any illness less than two weeks out from a marathon!

I had had a good week fitting in an extra yoga session but skipping the gym due to a sore shoulder however running and biking was going really well even managed a mid-week longish run. However by friday I was feeling a bit off and with a CTC RV ride of approx 40 miles on the cards for Saturday I went to bed early hoping for a good nights rest.  I woke up sweating and shivering with a cough of course I still went on the ride!  Possibly an entry in my book under “things not to do when ill”.  Saturday evening Muff took an evening off from Toni sitting and we headed to the cinema for Mr Turner (see reviews tab).  A sweaty restless night followed.  We dropped Toni off at a friends on Sunday morning and went for a walk for an hour and a half nothing too punishing but enough to convince me that this weeks long run would fall by the wayside!

The rest of Sunday was spent indoors resting and climaxed in a hot toddy and early night.


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