Sick, sauna, race, sad days.

Started this week as the previous one ended coughing, spluttering and shaking!  The week was spent mainly in bed and just lazing around reading watching tv going out when I really needed it.  By weds I was feeling slightly better and attended a networking meeting about cycling in Fife.  Thursday I felt like a caged lion and it was time to get out.  I nipped out to drop posters off ay var locations and a run of about a half mile convinced me that another days rest would be required!  Friday I headed for the gym and did 3 mile on the treadmill then spent some time in the sauna.  Saturday I headed for Edinburgh and the CTC Scotland AGM.  I also went to Tiso to pick up the prizes I had won a few weeks ago £380 of Sherpa walking gear!  Sunday saw me line up with over 200 others for the Frostbite trail race episode 1.  In Falkland estate this was a true XC with stream crossings and fallen trees to negotiate and mud, mud and more mud.  I started easy and started to lift the pace till I felt I was pushing too hard. 3.4 miles 28:24 AHR 154 max 177

When I say I had been lazing around that’s not quite true I had been helping Carol with her mum and her cat just sitting with both of them at times during the week.  Eric, the cat at 15yo was looking rather frail and today Sunday Carol took him to be put down.  If you are not an animal lover you wont realise the hurt it causes to see the pet you have had for 15 years slowly deteriorate and finally be put down.  It’s a traumatic experience for all involved.


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