Health update, cooper test, Florence week.

I seem to have shaken off the bug I had last week an annoying little cough still persists but as I write this , Thursday 27th, it too is slowly disappearing.  I always think   the week before a marathon is a strange one you are in a sort of semi training let me at it mode where you know not to train too much but you (should be) at the peak of fitness and raring to go.  All I had planned this week was my yoga classes, a short easy cycle and taster session for Jog Scotland.  Surprisingly that is how it has been.

I conducted a Cooper test for 10 hardy souls from the Glenrothes Tri Club who turned up despite the cold and rain.  A good effort was put in by those present and I am hoping that it may lead to a new client or two!

Toni seems to have settled down touch wood with the care more or less in place it has taken its toll on Carol although I believe she has now come to terms with it and has accepted there is going to be a new normal in her life!

I leave for Florence early tomorrow and will, hopefully be blogging from my hotel.


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