Road trip-Florence day 1

Friday 28 November early rise 0610, wash, clothes on and out the door. I hate flying early in morning from Edinburgh. It just seems that if you leave at a decent time you get delayed at the bridge and if you leave in plenty time you breeze across……… 90 mins wait at Edinburgh pour moi!!! Got to the airport and booked in OK then went upstairs to security only to be turned right instead of left they have changed security again. Childs breakfast at Wetherspoons and a coffee. Not too busy although there is a bunch of “hens” at a table getting wired into the pints!
Great flight no turbulence and a window seat also arrd 10 mins early does me no good however as I already have a 4 hour wait until my Florence flight.
People watching, Marathon talk podcasts catch up and time to study my Florence guide.
Flight left on time and was uneventful and another window seat. Customs a bit slow but no problems. Bus from airport to main station 6euros then a 10 min walk to hotel found it no bother. Reception staff v helpful grabbed some brochures and heading for an early bed.


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