Road trip-Florence day 2

My main aims for today were to collect my number and do some sight seeing. I did not want to spend too long on my feet though. The helpful guy on reception had told me that if I went to the main station I could get a No 12 bus which would take me up to the Piazzale Michelangelo and from there I would get an excellent view all over the city.
He was not wrong a 30 min journey for 2 euros through Florence then up thru the hills plenty to see and a great view at the top.


However even better was to come when I went back to the bus stop and checked the route of the 12 I saw that it want right past the Expo! A 5min wait no cost as the ticket was valid for 90 mins and I was on my way. The expo was near Florences Other main line station so it was fairly easy to know when to get off. The trail of peeps with Asics bags gave away the general direction and then when I got closer it was well signed. As expected it was busy but I did not need to Q for long as there were plenty people on hand to give out race numbers and in a different hall race bags. Having got the bus to the expo I decided that I would walk back to the hotel via some of the sights of Florence and then rest for a couple of hours.



I headed out for some food and found a small place ofering a marathon special for 10 euros. Two courses and a chat to another runner from Milan passed a pleasent 90 mins, then it was back to the hotel and an early night.


2 responses to “Road trip-Florence day 2

  1. I wish I had found a bus yesterday when I was looking for the expo haha! Good luck tomorrow!:)

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