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Book review-The OBree Way

This has been a strange read for me.  I got the book in May, signed by the author at one of his talks.  It languished on my bookshelves for almost 6 months till I picked it up and started turning the pages.

It is now Hogmanay and the book is by my bedside with a bookmark at page 43, chapter 5, training.  I can’t remember the last time I picked it up and find I have no compulsion to do so and  am at a loss as to why?

With a collection of unread books in my shelves I have decided to move on and leave this for the time being if I go back to it I will update this post.

Training week 22nd Dec to 28th Dec

Terr week ending up with me doing nothing after boxing day.

Run 11.61 miles 1:50:13

Bike 15.77 miles 1:36:26

A time to be jolly and boxing day run.

Pandemonium reigns but then again it is Xmas!  With shops opening every day I just can’t understand why there is this panic buying the last few days before Xmas. Supermarkets are full tempers are frayed and most likely wallets are empty and CC are maxed out.  All in the name of a big jolly man with a big white beard and a few pet reindeer!
I spent Xmas Eve with Muff and her son Rory. As Muff’s mother is German they carry out the European custom of opening their presents on Xmas eve. We sat down to a meal then opened our presents. Everyone was happy with the gifts and it was a bit emotional as Muff had done a booklet of photos of Eric the cat.
Christmas day was whats called “The full bifter” a full Xmas meal with the family sat around the table in this case Muff Zoe and Rory and her mother Toni. A good day but as the day progressed Toni got more upset and confused and ended up going home earlier than planned.
Boxing day I took my grandson the Fife AC’s boxing day run and ran alongside him. After I returned him home I went out for a 4 miler.
Saturday morning I woke up sniffling, coughing and wheezing and am writing this feeling slightly better but having not moved from home all day.

Sunday was a day spent lazing around doing Jog Scotland paperwork and playing with the TV settings.  Sniffing again all day no exercise.

Training week 15th Dec to 21st Dec

Yoga 1

Gym 1

Run 6 37.77 6:19:07

Bike 2 17.79 1:44:52

Great week training wise using this as a trial for Jantastic and GWC mar prog trg.

Jantastic, Black Friday, Xmas is coming.

Another week gone, the GTC sign up for Jantastic has reached 12 members and hopefully some more will sign up before the deadline. I have logged on and filled in my planned trg for Jan-6 runs and 3 bikes and I have used this week as a bit of a gauge to see how that will go. I managed 6 runs and 2 bikes so well chuffed with that.
Jog Scotland put an advertising template on their page and I have used it to advertise my JS groups starting in January.  On Friday I went for a run and dropped copies of at the pool, surgeries and the college.  I will do more next week and drop them off at some community centres and more surgeries.

Carol and I spent an afternoon and evening in Edinburgh at the Xmas markets we never bought anything except food and drink we just wanted to have some time together and get into the  Xmas spirit, which Carol did by having her very first cocktail!  Edinburgh really has surpassed itself it has moved some of the attractions and changed the layout of the stalls making for a better experience. Carol has had another rough week with her mum and I think that the thought of her going into care although saddening her is all that keeps her going.
Friday I went out with some other retired workers from EM and spent a pleasant afternoon and evening with them in the Foresters Arms.

Training week 8th to 14th December

1 gym session

1 yoga class

1 turbosession 11 miles 52:40

6 runs 29.7 miles in 4:52:26

Cancellations, Death and Yak Trax

What a week that was!  The weather has definitely turned now with reports of snow and weather warnings on the news.  The Scottish ski industry look to be in for a good winter.  Here in Fife it has been cold wet and windy with a dusting of snow on the higher ground.  I have managed to get a good week of training in but the planned two races at the weekend was reduced to one when the Knockhill duathlon was postponed due to snow.  The frosbite trail race part deux went ahead on Sunday and it was a blast-mud, wind, rain, stream crossings and tree scrambles a great day.  I managed 6 runs this week 1 in my yaktrax due to the icy conditions.

I attended a funeral on Friday an ex colleague who died from cancer with news of another death and funeral to go to on the 22nd.

Friday night I dropped Carol at her works xmas dance and went to see The Hobbit at the local cinema.  What can you say a great movie if you like the Genre and he does them so well.