Road Trip-Florence day 4

A fitful nights sleep with the full force of Florence’s Monday rush hour keeping me awake from around 05:30.
Washed, dressed and breakfast then out for a busy day playing the tourist. When I ran Berlin I wasnt even in the city for 48 hours and vowed never to make that mistake again.
I headed along to Palazzo Strozzi which was hosting an exhibition of Picasso, Dali and other Spanish painters. A great exhibition and similair to some of my own work when I was 5 or 6 you obviously need an audience lololol.
From the exhibit it was straight to the train station for the 1 hour ride to Pisa. The bus for Campo di Miracoli leaves from acroos the road from the station exit and you are there in about 10 mins.
What a staggering site awaits you when you slip past the Macdonalds at the gate.

There are 4 main buildings the tower of course, the Cathedral,

the Baptistry,

and the Campo Santo. I climbed to the top of the tower and felt every one of the 256 steps up and down! Magnificent views even although the sky was grey warning of the forthcoming storm!

Itravelled back down to the station and the rain started as soon as I got off the bus by the time I was on the platform waiting for the train thunder and lighting had started. This cleared as we headed east to Florence and by the time we had arrived the rain had stopped and the sky was clear just in time to get dark. Its 7pm now and time to get out for some food. This is my last night in Florence and although its great to be away it will be good to get back to the people and things I miss.


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