A-Z F for Florence

More or less a whole city closed down for this race. The race never left the boundaries of the city and with Florence being really compact this meant a lot of twists and turns on the route. Approx 11000 runners although with some of the narrow streets it felt a lot more, you were never out of the crowd and this got worse at the refreshment points. The points were every 5k they were really good and as you ran further more choice was added I think on the final few stations you had a choice of water, energy drink, lemon tea, banana, sliced lemon and jam tarts.
The marshalling was superb there seemed to be thousands of stewards, marshalls, police and ambulance people.
There was music along the way and loads of spectators.
At the finish there was quite a crush but it soon cleared as people shuffled thru and at various times were given medal, foil blanket, water, energy drink and more tart or fruit if they wanted it.
The baggage containers were well run and efficient also.
What else can I say well organised flat but crowded and F struck off the list.

At 4:12:48 this is my quickest marathon this year.  5566/8686 278/508



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