Cancellations, Death and Yak Trax

What a week that was!  The weather has definitely turned now with reports of snow and weather warnings on the news.  The Scottish ski industry look to be in for a good winter.  Here in Fife it has been cold wet and windy with a dusting of snow on the higher ground.  I have managed to get a good week of training in but the planned two races at the weekend was reduced to one when the Knockhill duathlon was postponed due to snow.  The frosbite trail race part deux went ahead on Sunday and it was a blast-mud, wind, rain, stream crossings and tree scrambles a great day.  I managed 6 runs this week 1 in my yaktrax due to the icy conditions.

I attended a funeral on Friday an ex colleague who died from cancer with news of another death and funeral to go to on the 22nd.

Friday night I dropped Carol at her works xmas dance and went to see The Hobbit at the local cinema.  What can you say a great movie if you like the Genre and he does them so well.


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