A time to be jolly and boxing day run.

Pandemonium reigns but then again it is Xmas!  With shops opening every day I just can’t understand why there is this panic buying the last few days before Xmas. Supermarkets are full tempers are frayed and most likely wallets are empty and CC are maxed out.  All in the name of a big jolly man with a big white beard and a few pet reindeer!
I spent Xmas Eve with Muff and her son Rory. As Muff’s mother is German they carry out the European custom of opening their presents on Xmas eve. We sat down to a meal then opened our presents. Everyone was happy with the gifts and it was a bit emotional as Muff had done a booklet of photos of Eric the cat.
Christmas day was whats called “The full bifter” a full Xmas meal with the family sat around the table in this case Muff Zoe and Rory and her mother Toni. A good day but as the day progressed Toni got more upset and confused and ended up going home earlier than planned.
Boxing day I took my grandson the Fife AC’s boxing day run and ran alongside him. After I returned him home I went out for a 4 miler.
Saturday morning I woke up sniffling, coughing and wheezing and am writing this feeling slightly better but having not moved from home all day.

Sunday was a day spent lazing around doing Jog Scotland paperwork and playing with the TV settings.  Sniffing again all day no exercise.


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