Health returns, Jog Scotland starts and a sad day.

At last my health seems to be returning with just a wee cough left and I feel fit enough to train, just as well with my two Jog Scotland groups starting this week!

The Tuesday group wasn’t much of a success in fact it was totally underwhelming with no-one turning up at all!  Thursdays however was much better with six people turning up and, apparently, enjoying themselves.  Roll on next week.

I have began to train but have taken it fairly easy and am increasing the training load slowly.  I have been for 3 runs and done 2 turbos session hopefully I can keep this up for the rest of the week and make my Jantastic targets of 6 and 3!

Wednesday was the day that Carol’s mum went into the home.  All week she had been strangely quiet and compliant and this continued on Wednesday when Carol took her into the home.  However on Thursday she was ready to go back to her house and Carol had to convince her that she was “home”.


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