Leaks, Panto time, Jantastic, Jog Scotlandand Frostbite trail race.


The weather in the UK has been terrible this week with high winds and rain all over the UK.  Fife seemed to be pretty lucky in that it missed most of it but was still effected.  I had tiles torn off my shed and the roof began to warp!  Called the company out and had a repair team on the ob in a couple of days.  They could replace the tiles but I shall have to wait for another squad to come out repair the roof.

Carol and I went to the “adult” edition of our local panto I think it was just the thing she was needing after the trial and tribulations of putting Toni in a home.  Toni really is up and down and Carol never knows what o expect when she goes in.

The Glenrothes Tri Club Jantatsic team are doing really well they are  in the top 30 overall and top medium tri club team.  Go GTC!

The JogScotland thursday group went well with 6 people turning up 3 are total beginners with the other 3 having done some running before.

Sunday was the 3rd race in the Falkland trail runners Frostbite trail run series.  A different course due to the rain but wetter and muddier than before.  A great time was had by all!!


Managed to fit in all the training I had planned for the week although some not at the correct intensity.

3 cycles all on turbo 27.58 miles in 2h 42m

6 runs 25.76 4h 16m inc 1 race.

1 yoga session but no other cross training.


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