Furniture removal, A southern visitor, Great wall marathon and Jantastic


The battle to get Carols mother to accept the home is where she now lives continued this week.  We hired a sackbarrow and moved her rather large lounge chair and footrest!  Luckily it was dry at the time but we must have looked rather strange manouvering this chair past parked cars and bins to Methven house.  However it was a success and she was genuinely happy to see it which hasn’t always been the case.  Carols brother made the journey up from dahn souf for a few days and spent time with his mother and helped Carol go through the mountain of paperwork in the house.


This week was the first week of my training for the Great Wall of China marathon and despite the weather I managed to get all the runs in and was only 2 miles short of my planned total.  Jantastic is in its second week and again I managed to get all my Jantastic sessions in.  I also managed 1 yoga session but unfortunately my gym required major repairs to the roof after the winds earlier in the week.

Runs 6 total 51 miles in 8:28 with 3112 ft of climb

Bike 3 in total 36.48 in 3:01:02 1212 ft of climb.


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