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A quick catch up!

Its been eleven days since my last post a lot of water has gone under the bridges (Forth bridges) and miles in the legs (170 to be precise bike and run) and the days have just flown past.  In no particular order here are some of the highlights of the last 11 days-Carols mums house is on the market and getting a lot of interest,  went out with my big Sis and treated her for her birthday, Carols brother and niece visited, I finally got the new light up in the living room and built the bookcase.  My course work has arrd for my trail cycle leaders qual.  The GTC held a training day and I gave a wee talk on how to pack a bike box.  Carol and I spent a nice few hours walking along Fife’s coastal path.  I applied for my visa for China In the visa centre Edinburgh and on way back got off train at North Queensferry and biked home.

Phew I think thats it.

Some pics from the Fife coastal path.


Book review-The Ascent of Rum Doodle

Written by W E Bowman and first published in 1956 this is a gem of a book.  It tells the tale of a British mountaineering expedition to climb the highest mountain in the world-Rum Doodle.

Described by Bill Byson as the funniest book you havent read it is a spoof telling the tale of the conquest of the 40,000 and a half foot peak.  I found myself grinning a lot and laughing out loud on occasion.

Well worth a read.

Willie, Ikea, Valentine trip, Theres been a murder, Jantastic and marathon training.


Ever get the feeling there just isnt enough days in the week?  This was one of those weeks.

Although I have been in the flat for about 8 months there has been a few things on my lst which I needed to sort out and one of them was a table of sorts just for the tea tray or laptop to go on when I was sitting on the couch where else but IKEA!  So off Carol and I went on weds with a plan IKEA then th cinema.  Having gone looking for a table I came back with a table, bookshelves and a new living room light as well as several pack of candles!  On the way hme we stopped in at the cinema and saw an RSC production at Dunfermline normally we would see these at the Adam Smith hall in Kirkcaldy but they have not subscribed to it this season.

Roses are red….. Pulled a valentines surprise on Carol.  I booked a murder evening in a hotel in the borders and broke the case!!  The prize was vouchers for the hotel but it being unlikely that we would visit the hotel again I managed to use them to pay our drinks bill!  On the way back to Fife we visited New Lanark mill an attraction Carol had wanted to visit for some time.

Jantastic continues and so does my 100% record running in parallel with my marathon plan.


Yoga 2 classes

Bike-4 bikes 43 miles in 3h 29m

Run-6 runs 57 miles 9h 42m

Week 4 of Great Wall Training, H marathon entered, 2 races and trophy retained.


Its been a good week this week and it’s not finished yet.  I am writing this on Saturday evening looking at the Auld buggers first place trophy from the Knockhill Duathlon which I won along with a £20 voucher for a local bike shop.  A tough race but well worth it run bike run format with both runs on the Knockhill racing circuit and the bike portion off-road on my 29er.  Sunday was another race this time a trail race at Falkland very pleased with my performance there as it was 2m 18s faster than last month! Now at the end of week 4 of my Great Wall trg so far I have run 220 miles with 11581 feet of climb. I entered Hoad Hill marathon which now means that G H and I are sorted.

Carol has started back to work after and seems to be enjoying it, prob just talking to adults is satisfaction enough.

With Valentines looming I booked a night away unfortunately its Friday 13th!  We are going to a Murder night something that both of us have wanted to do in the Borders of Scotland.


Runs 6 58.04 miles with 3491 feet of climb 9h 20m 20s

Bike 4 30.07 miles with 448 feet of climb in 2h 42m 16s

Book review: The road headed west.

As prep for my LEJoG I read a lot of what I call journey books mainly on LEJoG but others as well and these got me hooked on this type of book.

The road headed west is of this genre and is the tale of  Leon McCarrons trip across Nort Ameris from New York to Seattle and then down to Mexico.  Unusul in the most riders go East!

A good witty book which goes to show even with very little planning things can come together.  A good read.

Retirement and training, GTC, Flyers and Sorry Hollywood


A very busy week for myself and Carol.  The training plan for Great wall is now in its 3rd week and one of the great advantages of retirement is the time you can devote to recovery.  My weekly miles have doubled and I am still attending yoga classes, the gym and biking so recovery is really important.  I take advantage of as many recovery strategies as I can-compression clothing, hot baths, stretches and sleep.  Three weeks in the strategies, combined with careful nutrition seem to be working.  I am halfway through the endurance phase of the schedule and am really enjoying it.  This weeks long run had the second fastest av pace of the week and felt really easy.

My captaincy seems to be going down ok with the membership at GTC the team are doing great in Jantastic and both my running sessions are well attended.  The running sessions are on a Monday and Wednesday evening.  The Monday session is after my Yoga class which I thought might not be a good idea as there is an hour between the activities but my Monday runs are really good.

Saturday night Carol and I were at a loose end and with no music on locally decided to go and see The Fife Flyers our local ice hockey team.  Carol had followed them passionately at one time and still gets a buzz from a game.  They were playing Cardiff on Saturday and within 17 seconds the gloves were off!  Flyers won – the game and the fights!!  Sunday afternoon we went to a free event to see a band called Sorry Hollywood which has Carols daughters boyfriend in it.  Although The Venue was frozen the music was hot!!  One to watch.


Bike 57.9 miles in 5h 17m 08s 2086 ft of climb

Run 56.64 miles 9h 08m 31 s 2481 ft of climb

Yoga 2 sessions and 1 session in the gym