Retirement and training, GTC, Flyers and Sorry Hollywood


A very busy week for myself and Carol.  The training plan for Great wall is now in its 3rd week and one of the great advantages of retirement is the time you can devote to recovery.  My weekly miles have doubled and I am still attending yoga classes, the gym and biking so recovery is really important.  I take advantage of as many recovery strategies as I can-compression clothing, hot baths, stretches and sleep.  Three weeks in the strategies, combined with careful nutrition seem to be working.  I am halfway through the endurance phase of the schedule and am really enjoying it.  This weeks long run had the second fastest av pace of the week and felt really easy.

My captaincy seems to be going down ok with the membership at GTC the team are doing great in Jantastic and both my running sessions are well attended.  The running sessions are on a Monday and Wednesday evening.  The Monday session is after my Yoga class which I thought might not be a good idea as there is an hour between the activities but my Monday runs are really good.

Saturday night Carol and I were at a loose end and with no music on locally decided to go and see The Fife Flyers our local ice hockey team.  Carol had followed them passionately at one time and still gets a buzz from a game.  They were playing Cardiff on Saturday and within 17 seconds the gloves were off!  Flyers won – the game and the fights!!  Sunday afternoon we went to a free event to see a band called Sorry Hollywood which has Carols daughters boyfriend in it.  Although The Venue was frozen the music was hot!!  One to watch.


Bike 57.9 miles in 5h 17m 08s 2086 ft of climb

Run 56.64 miles 9h 08m 31 s 2481 ft of climb

Yoga 2 sessions and 1 session in the gym


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