Week 4 of Great Wall Training, H marathon entered, 2 races and trophy retained.


Its been a good week this week and it’s not finished yet.  I am writing this on Saturday evening looking at the Auld buggers first place trophy from the Knockhill Duathlon which I won along with a £20 voucher for a local bike shop.  A tough race but well worth it run bike run format with both runs on the Knockhill racing circuit and the bike portion off-road on my 29er.  Sunday was another race this time a trail race at Falkland very pleased with my performance there as it was 2m 18s faster than last month! Now at the end of week 4 of my Great Wall trg so far I have run 220 miles with 11581 feet of climb. I entered Hoad Hill marathon which now means that G H and I are sorted.

Carol has started back to work after and seems to be enjoying it, prob just talking to adults is satisfaction enough.

With Valentines looming I booked a night away unfortunately its Friday 13th!  We are going to a Murder night something that both of us have wanted to do in the Borders of Scotland.


Runs 6 58.04 miles with 3491 feet of climb 9h 20m 20s

Bike 4 30.07 miles with 448 feet of climb in 2h 42m 16s


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