Willie, Ikea, Valentine trip, Theres been a murder, Jantastic and marathon training.


Ever get the feeling there just isnt enough days in the week?  This was one of those weeks.

Although I have been in the flat for about 8 months there has been a few things on my lst which I needed to sort out and one of them was a table of sorts just for the tea tray or laptop to go on when I was sitting on the couch where else but IKEA!  So off Carol and I went on weds with a plan IKEA then th cinema.  Having gone looking for a table I came back with a table, bookshelves and a new living room light as well as several pack of candles!  On the way hme we stopped in at the cinema and saw an RSC production at Dunfermline normally we would see these at the Adam Smith hall in Kirkcaldy but they have not subscribed to it this season.

Roses are red….. Pulled a valentines surprise on Carol.  I booked a murder evening in a hotel in the borders and broke the case!!  The prize was vouchers for the hotel but it being unlikely that we would visit the hotel again I managed to use them to pay our drinks bill!  On the way back to Fife we visited New Lanark mill an attraction Carol had wanted to visit for some time.

Jantastic continues and so does my 100% record running in parallel with my marathon plan.


Yoga 2 classes

Bike-4 bikes 43 miles in 3h 29m

Run-6 runs 57 miles 9h 42m


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