Marathon training, cinematic weekend, visa application and birthday girl

Well it might be 10pm on Sunday evening but I’m finally sitting down to make an entry in my blog.

Its been another busy week training wise I have run 58 miles in 9h 58m climbing 3086 feet less than required in the plan but after 7 weeks of 50+ miles I finally felt fatigued and took an unscheduled day off.  This is the 1st March and in 4 weeks I have the Scottish Duathlon champs so have decided to sacrifice some run miles in exchange for brick sessions.   On the bike this week I have covered 40 miles in 4h 52m climbing 2673 feet.  Only two rides one along the Fife Coastal Path and the other off-road with Carol.  These rides in prep for my Trail Cycle Leaders course next week.

On thursday I travelled to the Chinese visa centre and put my application in for my visit to China in May.  I must say they were very efficient!  I have to go back in 2 weeks to pick it up.  On the way home I got off the train at N Queensferry and did 30 miles on my 29er a great bike ride.

Over on my reviews tag you will see two new film reviews Paddington and the second Marigold hotel Carol and I went and saw them at local cinemas on Sat and Sun.

Saturday was Toni’s 84th birthday and her first in the home so we all trooped along to see her unfortunately due to a misunderstanding we missed the birthday cake and tea!  Its 2230 now and time for bed.  I have a new yoga class to try tomorrow morning at 0930 I’m looking forward to it.


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