A trip to Edinburgh and Jog Scotland.

It was time to collect my visa for CHINA woooooooo much excitement!  Carol and I took ourselves down to Kirkcaldy train station and purchased two tickets from my mate Pete a runner and cyclist as well.  I arrived first and went to buy the tickets with our two together card which knocks off 33%!  He was rather bemused to see me without a bike or camelbak!  A trip to Edinburgh lately has been really enhanced by the building of the new crossing every time you cross the existing bridge you can see progress either in the infrastructure or the bridge itself.  The skyline has already changed and we cannot wait to see the finished bridge.

We alighted from the train at the recently refurbished Haymarket station.  The Visa issue centre is a 10 minute walk from the station and we got the lift to the second floor and the Issue centre.  This is a slick and efficient operation and  was in and out in no time £66 lighter!


Of course having come to Edinburgh there was some eating and shopping to be done even in the rain!  Rose Street and Tiso’s outdoor shop was the next stop with Carol looking for boots and me looking for travel clothing for my trip and some luggage.  In the end Carol got her boots and I ended ordering my stuff online as they never had my sizes instore.  We had lunh at the Filmhouse and then headed back to the shops Princess St this time on the hunt for some new underwear for Carol and I think Ill end my trip report there!!!

This week was my tenth week of doing Jog Scotland.  Attendance has been patchy although there has always been someone there on Thursdays although I have given up on the Tuesday sessions.  One of the runners has made it every week and has steadily improved, even finding ou that she LIKES it!  I went to a local shop and bought a wee medal for her perseverence.


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