Jog Scotland, another client and another week closer to China

It’s hard to believe that it is now 10 weeks since I started the Lang Toun Joggers.  There has been a few success stories and hopefully this will continue.  A dress size down here, a parkrun entered there a steady improvement in another case.  All good stuff and I am glad that I started the group.  This week I picked up the sample of the LTJ t-shirts for their opinion.

Another client has joined fitfifertraining looking for help in the gym.  I have given him a programme and we shall see how things go.

China is getting closer and another week of training was completed with 6 runs 45.2 miles in 6h 55m with 2110 ft of climbing.  3 bike rides covering 60.9 miles in 4h 43m with 2446 ft of climb.  The GW step reps are going good and I thought at the sacrifice of speed but with my performance in Alloa I am happy that things are not as bad as I thought!


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