Race review Alloa half marathon

Once an annual pilgrimage of mine Alloa had slipped from my radar for a few years.  The site of my HM PB a few years ago, 1:22:18, I entered this year with the intention of having a moderate run and perhaps putting in 10 miles at marathon pace.  I had a problem however what was marathon pace for the Great Wall?  This problem was compounded when I looked at age graded tables to be confronted with the fact that a time of 1:35 would be the equivalent of my 1:22 all these years ago!

I lined up with the idea that sub 2 hours would be a good target.  The race had changed since I had last done it with a new start and finish but the rest of the course remaining much the same which meant a finish with a sting in the tail a hill about half mile long and steady!  It was a good day for distance running very little wind and cold but once you got going that soon changed.  Something else that changed was my pace!  I was feeling really good and the miles seemed to fly past even on the hill I managed to keep a good pace and of course what goes up must go down and I ran downhill to the finish to cross the line in 1:40 with plenty left in the tank.

It had been a while since I had done a “mainstream” race like Alloa and it was good to see some old friends and have a good old chinwag.


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