Lang Toun Joggers t’s, Vietmanese visa and spring is in the air!

The journey of the Lang Toun Joggers continues. Attendance is sketchy to say the least however there are a core few who will generally attend.  It is obvious though that spring is in the air with a new lady joining last week and e mails and phone calls from another 3 people wanting to join the group.  I will be on FB, twitter and distributing flyers this week again in an attempt to beef up attendance.  I have also designed a logo for t-shirts, hoodies, vests and buffs with the help of Trojan of Leslie.

With my Chinese visa sae in my passport it was time to send away for my Vietnamese visa.  Only one page to fill in this time!  The chq has been cashed so I am just waiting for the visa to arrive.  Both the visas have been over £60  another “hidden” expense.  I have been watching Great Wall Marathon vids on you tube and am really looking forward to my trip it will prob be the hardest standard marathon I have done!

Training continues and with the Scottish Duathlon champs less than a week away I have once again decided to cut the miles knocking 50% off the plan.

Last weeks trg was 67 miles on the bike in 6h 3m with 3000ft climb and 44.7 miles ran in 6h 31m and 2200 ft climbing and 2 yoga sessions.  My legs are becoming increasingly fatigued and I am stretching and rolling more I have also booked 3 massages with Pete West between now and leaving for China .


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