Training for the Great Wall of China marathon.

A-Z G=Great wall of China Marathon.

If you have thought about this race you may have searched you tube and watched the videos, googled sites and looked at timings or searched for blogs of previous runners in the event.  All will have told you the same thing its a hard event not to be taken lightly although, by some of the videos some have and crashed and burned!

In my mind the wall presents two basic problems first and foremost the steps and secondly marathon pace.  How do you train for 5000+ steps in a 6k stretch?  In my case I began running more and more often on a local coastal path, The Fife Coastal Path, heading East from my hometown there are several large flight of steps one in particular near the Harbourmasters House in Dysart.  Seventy three, uneven stone steps of different sizes excellent practice.  Reps it is then!!

How do you calculate marathon pace?  I didn’t even try.  I am using  standard marathon trg programme with the following changes: I limited speed work to 100m pick ups every week and with seven weeks to go have started doing a track session every week.  LSD runs are even slower than normal and with extra layers on to get more time on my feet and try to simulate running in the heat. Of course the plans of mice and man as they say.  We will have to wait and see how things go on the day!


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