Gardening, workout room and a night by the Chimnea

Spring as they say has sprung!  Hence I was walking around garden centre(s) yes plural with Carol tying to pick a tree and shrubs for the front garden and troughs for strawberry plants Carol had given me.  First things first though and we headed for the cafe for some lunch.  Suitably refuelled we headed out into the garden centre searching for the items on my shopping list.  we had already visited one and I wanted to see how they compared stock and price wise.  The first centre we had visited has been in Kirkcaldy this one was in a small village outside Kirkcaldy called Freuchie.  It may be a small village but the choice was great and I ended getting 2 troughs 1 tree and 3 shrubs.  That was on Wednesday and I am writing this on Sunday they still have not been planted  but hopefully with the clocks moving forward I will get them planted in the next few days.

When I moved into my flat I was not sure what I wanted to do with my second bedroom.  Having been in the flat for nearly 9 months I thought that it was about time to do something with it!  I have always had a large pinboard with a world map n it plotting my A-Z of marathons that will stay.  One wall will be shelved with a desk integral to the shelving with mats a gym ball and perhaps some weights, foam rollers etc and turn it into a workout room cum office.

Although it still early in the year there has been some really good nights and so it was that Carol and I spent Friday night on her patio with a bottle of beer a packet of Doritos and the chimnea roaring away like a jet engine!  The sky was slightly hazy but that just added to the evening.  We were well wrapped up and sat outside chatting and taking in the night sky.


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