A bad day happens

For most of March I had limited my miles due to the Scottish Duathlon champs and with a 3 min improvement on run 1 and a 2 min improvement in run 2 I think that the decision I had made was justified. However I had another race before the Great Wall another duathlon and the 3rd in a series of 3 I had won my age group in the first two and wanted to win the third. I kept my miles low doing one speed session a week and limiting my long runs. On Sunday I went out for an 18 miler with fluid and food all loaded up and turned around after 4 miles. I had no pain, the weather was good, I had done the route before but just did not feel I had any energy or will power. Not something that had happened before so I hope it is just a small blip on the way to Beijing.

Getting over that little upset in the day I got my Giant tourer out packed a pannier and headed to Carols home in Leven.  However something was not right, with the bike this time.  Yet again I turned around and headed home.  Out with the Ridley unpacked the pannier and packed a rucksack and headed for Leven once again.  Thankfully there was no more mishaps in my day.  I certainly wont forget this Easter Sunday in a hurry.


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