Training room, garden time, Jog Scotland and fitfifertraining.

Having finally decided what to do with the “spare” room I decided to get stuck in and do as much as I can to get the ball rolling, which mainly meant spending a lot of cash buying stuff and doing a bit of organising.  Some electrical work is needed and pron some painting and joinery AFTER the electrical work but it shouldnt take long before my office/training room is complete.

It seems when I get an urge to do anything it needs done NOW having been in the flat for over a year and been perfectly happy with it the way it was first the spare room got my attention and then the front garden which had been covered with stones and raked.  It now has a cherry tree and 3 rhododendron bushes in it!

Jog Scotland group is not expanding at all hopefully the lighter nights and better weather will bring more people along but at least the people coming along are having success with one girl gone down a dress size and another lost half a stone Yayyyyy.  Fitfifer training is going from strength to strength with one client increasing her plan and another new one joining.


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