An MTB ride from Waverley to Haymarket 34 miles.

It was the last week of the Fife school holidays and Carol and I headed for them thar hills!  We got the train into Edinburgh and exiting Waverley station headed for Holyrood Park and the Innocent railway.

We followed NCR 1 past Bingham and Newcraighall joining the River Esk cycle route heading for Dalkeith.  In Dalkeith the NCR1 comes to an abrupt end due to the new borders railway and we ended up going through Dalkeith on the main road and crossing the A7 on a footbridge.  The route now heads towards Bonnyrigg and Rosewell you pass the old Bonnyrigg railway station as most of the route you have been on were railways this shouldnt come as a surprise!  The next landmark on the route is Auchendinny tunnel we headed through the tunnel and up a slope towards Glencorse and the A702.  Imagine my surprise when it was the A701 a quick backpedal and we got back to Glencorse and headed north for the A702 and the Flotterstone Inn. Heading past the Flotterstone Inn we followed the road to the reservoir and headed off up the hill towards Currie.  The weather had not been kind and we were both tired from heading into the wind we decided t push the bikes up the hill, half way up we stopped for some food.  We got to the col and started the descent down to Currie and the Water of Leith path.  We got on the path and followed it till we joined the Union canal.  We followed the Canal towpath and at Harrison Park East came off the towpath and wound our way through the streets to Dalry Road and down to Haymarket station.

A hard ride on a cold windy day.  The majority of the route was on good surfaces with only the short foray into the Pentlands causing any trouble.   Total distance 34.3 miles with 1889 ft of climb.


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