Damp in more ways than one, fame and fortune? awaits and the sitootery saga.

Home ownership, as some of you will know can be a rewarding but expensive business!  I recently noticed that the wall by my back door was showing signs of what looked like damp so I called in the experts and had them take a look at it.  It was indeed showing signs of damp.  A few days after the surveyors visit an estimate came through the door for £200 knowing that it really should not be left to get any worse I called them up and instructed them to go ahead with the repair as invoiced.  The repair was carried out on Friday morning and took about 45 mins.  Having had a damp course installed the wall now need replastering but I am holding off until I get the socket fixed in what will be my office/workout room and if there is plastering required there it can be done at the same time.

Damp in more ways than one yep Saturday was the third and final Knockhill duathlon and the weather was atrocious!  All week it had been like summer and at the weekend the weather did a rapid dip.  I arrived at Knockhill to rain, hail, wind and sunshine.  By race time the rain and hail had gone but the wind was terrible!

The format of the race was 1 lap run of the Knockhill circ, 1 MTB lap of a course laid out on the rough ground belonging to Knockhill and finally 5 laps of the circuit on a road bike.  I had won the previous two races in the series and also won this one, first auld bugger prize a bottle of Scotland’s finest malt!

The Fife Coast and Countryside trust had been working hard at getting publicity for my charity run in The Great wall of China, they have a publicity company called Muckle Media pushing things I was interviewed by Kingdom FM the local radio station and they broadcast snippets of the interview on morning news bulletins on Saturday.  I spent Friday morning at Dysart harbour with 3 photographers, the result of which was a spread in The Sun, Star and Express!

Carol has bought a BIY shelter to “sit oot in” so we tried to build it oorsel which was a lot easier said than done!  The instructions had come soaked in oil which did not help the construction.  After much head scratching, dry runs and unscrewing the Sitootery was built and ready for testing we spent Sunday night with a glass of wine and the chimnea blazing, eventually.


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