The three P’s-Plants, Punctures and Planks.

Last year when I bought the flat I bought and planted a number of plants.  Not being green fingered and previously responsible for the demise of at least 3 bonsai trees I did not hold put much hope for their survival but as you can see they are thriving and add much colour to the back garden.  This year I have planted two troughs of strawberries we’ll see how they survive!



Having gone without a puncture for quite a while both Carol and I got 1 within a week of each other.  Carols was caused by a thorn on our last off-road ride together it just happened to find its way past the tread and right into the soft underbelly of the tyre.  The bike was put away at the end of the ride and it was only the next day she realised that she had a puncture!   Mine was on the road bike a pinch puncture caused by a pothole which went down straight away and was fixed by the side of the road.  They are not a big deal just inconvenient and messy, easily fixed and wheels back on the bikes for our next ride together.

As fitfifertraining I started a plank challenge on my FB page, 3 sessions a day increasing in duration a new plank every 3 days the challenge lasting for 33 days.  The plank is a great core exercise and so easy to carry out with literally just enough space to lie down in being all that us required.  Everyone should be doing them!!


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