A trip to Cramond Island

Today (22nd April) Carol and I took a train and bike journey to Cramond Island. Cramond Island is a small island in the Firth of Forth at Cramond Village reached by a causeway during low tide.  The attraction at Cramond Island is the proliferation of wartime buildings and emplacements from two world wars.  Unfortunately the buildings, indeed the whole island has been vandalised and mistreated by miscreants!

The buildings have been vandalised and used for some very doubtful activities the whole Island looks like it becomes the home of weekend campers and not very sober or tidy ones at that.  There is evidence of signage and information boards but unfortunately they no longer exist.

DSCF2014 DSCF2012 DSCF2011 DSCF2010 DSCF2009

We took the train from Kirkcaldy to Dalmeny and headed to Cramond using main and estate roads.  We had to get there as soon as we could as we needed to get there during low tide.  It was a great day and we made really good time covering about 8 miles in 45 mins.  The obligatory ice cream van was at the end of the causeway and we locked the bikes up and treated ourselves to a cone and walked across the causeway to the Island. After our visit to the Island we headed to a favourite wee cafe on the River Almond the Falls Cafe for some refreshment.  The bike path up by the Almond is really good with the exception of two rather large flights of stairs which require negotiating.  When we got to Cramond Brig we headed down a path we had not been on before a habit of ours which sometimes pays rich dividends with museums discovered, views seen and cafes found!  However this particular road took us back onto the estate and we continued on our way heading for the Forth Road Bridge.  We rode along South Queensferry high st and up onto the FRB unfortunately the west side of the bridge was closed so we could not get photos of the new bridge under construction.  We crossed the bridge and headed to Inverkeithing Station and home.  Another good day on the bikes.


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