Poleaxed by Malaria

As my trip draws close my thoughts turned to vaccinations!  I looked out previous vaccination certificates for travel to Mexico and Venezula and found that some of them were still in date.  Great I thought.  I then turned to Mr Google to see what I might need for China and Vietnam.  Mainly due to the activities I was undertaking and, expecially in Vietnam, the areas I was travelling through the picture was rather confusing.  I decided to go to my local doctors surgery.

The receptionist informed me that I had to complete a form and hand it, along with £10 back in at the surgery and after 3 days I would get a phone call to let me know what was required. £10! another hidden cost but little did I know worst was to come!  I completed the form and duly handed it in.  The next working day I was called by the nurse that had examined my forms, she wanted clarification about the areas I was travelling in in Vietnam!  After a discussion I was informed that I needed various vaccinations as well as Malaria tabs.

The NHS did not provide one of the vaccinations which was for a disease endemic in Vietnam nor do they provide anti malaria tabs so I was given a number for a private clinic.  I made a appointment at the clinic and after handing over a healthy wadge of cash left with a sore laft arm clutching a box of Doxycycline capsules and 5 caps to try to check for side effects.

I got the injection just over 10 days ago on a thursday so I gave it the weekend to let any effects from that clear and begun the 5 caps on Monday 20th.  By Weds evening my tumy was feeling really quite delicate and overnight and into Thurday morning things got worse with regular visits to the loo.  It is now Saturday 25th I finished the tabs yesterday and have continued to have GI distress!  Thank goodness for the 5 trial caps.  I will call the Travel Clinic on Monday and ask thier advice, no doubt thay will have a more expensive replacement for me to try!


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