On the way to China

Runners log stardate 12052015 1627

After a more laid back week than I would usually have when preparing for a marathon I have arrd at Schipol with 4 days to go to the marathon.  I now have an overnight flight to get to Beijing.  The flight from Edinburgh arrd early but I still did not have much time to wander around Schipol people watching.  It must be said that the strangest sight of the day so far was a lady at Edinburgh airport that looked like she was boarding her flight with a steam cleaner!!  Surprised they let her on LOLOL

Stardate 13052015 1059

Arrived at hotel in Bejing safely, grand entranceway and lobby. 

 It is 11am and my room is not ready so I am just jotting this down in the lobby 11am Beijing is 4am UK and I am pretty tired.  I managed to doze on the plane but my eyes feel like they are full of gravel.  The Great Wall rep was in the lobby with goody bag and instructions. Breakfast tomorrow is 6 am with a 6:30 departure for Jixian where I will be till Saturday.

I got to my room, freshened up and had a rest for a while and then headed out not to do any major sightseeing just try and soak in the feeling of Beijing.  On the trip in it looked like a sprawling modern city steadily expanding generally skywards and my walk confirmed this.  The heat is oppresive and there was a smog, some citizens wear masks.  I bought water and headed back to the hotel.  Three things on the agenda Food, rearranging my bags ready for tomorrows early start and sleeeeeeeeep


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