A day to relax

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A rather disturbed sleep last night but with no wake up call I lay till 8:30 and headed for a late breakfast.  Eggs, bread, spam, tomatoes and jam sandwiches were the order of the day today!

After breakfast I went out for a walk to see if I could find a park which I had seen when the bus came in.  Park might well be a misnomer if a ark is generally green grass and open space.  This was a arge recreational area with approx 30 exercise machines, a lake with a few fishermen and dancers.  


I headed back to the hotel via a bike shop and supermarket.  I spent some time in the foyer for a coffee and a chat with ssome other runners and headed for my room to pack, prepare my kit for the morning and rest up. 

The evening meal was different! It really is a problem trying to eat what you would normally have before a race however at least one thing is constant the pre race beer Tsing tao this time though! At dinner I was sat with two US servicemen one based in Seoul and one from Guam   we were then joined by two men from Milan.   

It would seem like an understatement but things here are so alien.  If you are European and you go to another country in the EU chances are you can understand some of the language at least enough not to make any embarassing mistakes here it is totally different there are 10K chinese characters and not one of them even faintly understandable to westerners.  In Beiijing a lot of the signs have been translated, sometimes badly, but good enough to give you a laugh and let you understand.  Here, even in the hotel there is very little in English.
Time for an early night and an early rise!!



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