Inspection day.

Runners log 14052015 1600

An alarm call at 0500 started the day, a quick shower and shave and I set off downstairs with all my baggage as we were moving hotels today after our inspection tour of the Wall.  The breakfast was excellent but I must confess that prior to the race I will be sticking to known food before I try anything adventurous thus it was boiled egg, bacon and beans for me.  I gave the noodles, fried rice and other more exotic breakfast dishes a miss.  

The trip to the Wall took about 3 hours there were a large number of buses and everyone debussed and headed for the main square for a race briefing.  

This is where the marathon would start on Saturday.  After the brief we were put back on the buses to the place we would begin our inspection visit of the wall, Huangyaguan. 

What can I say about the Wall, an amazing feat of engineering, historical without a doubt but a marathon PB course NOT which is why the cutoff time is 8 hours and not the usual 6!  The actual surface of the wall is quite good and rather than the steps I found the slopes of mortar to be the problem there are handrails but even so people were slipping and the marthon does this twice!

Lunch was provided and taken back at the square then it was back on the bus and a 30 min journey to Jixian and hotel Yuyang.  Another impressive hotel but with amazing leisure facilities of which I shall be partaking as we have the rest of today and all of tomorrow free to relax and explore.  Plan A went to the wall with the news that all leisure facilities are closed for maintenance a blow indeed.  After the evening meal which I had with a young couple from New York I came upstairs and finished off todays log. So to Bed!


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