Beijing Yoghurt, Olympic Park, Stadium and Aquatic Centre, Night Market and a bad taste in the mouth.

I have not been very adventurous with food tending to stick to bananas, water, coffee, a couple of hot pot type meals and after the race free Subway sarnies.  Yesterday morning as I walked thru ther Hutong I decided to try the dumplings that were on sale and they were delicous so today I tried the much vaunted yoghurt drink.  This comes in a small pot with a paper lid through which you punch a straw and drink the contents.  Taste wise its like Greek yoghurt with honey.  A pot costs 4 Yuan and you get 1 back when you return the pot!

Today I was heading North to the Olympic Park, stadium and aquatic centre.  The Park is on subway line 8.  The number 8 is thought to be lucky by the Chinese so much so that if you rent an apartment with an 8 in the number you will be paying extra rent.  It was no mistake that the Chinese put a bid in for the 2008 Olympics.  As with all olympic cities a great deal of money was spent on infrastructure and while it has undoubtably improved the city there does not seem to have been much of a legacy.  Part of the problem was the fact that there was not much thought put into future use of the facilities.  The aquatics centre seems to have done the best with a water park now earning it some cash but very little has been done with anything else. 


 I headed back to the hotel and got washed and changed and headed out to one of the  night markets famed for iits strange line in food.  I walked to the market which took me through one of Bejings premier shopping streets wide and pedestrianised it was busy, bright and noisy.

The night market consisted of about 30 or so red roofed stalls and they were selling everything from snake, crickets, spiders and starfish.  I tried some Silkworm chrysalis and snake.  The silkworm tasted like plain crisp and the snake like pork crackling.  Ah but neither of them left the bad taste in my mouth..  That was a scam not once but twice.  I was approached by two Chinese women  “tourists” in Beijing  that wanted to practice English  and take me for food and drink especially so when they realised I was alone and not with one of the many groups walking by.  I said my apoligies and ducked out.  However it happened again as I was heading back  to the hotel as soon as I said I was meeting the rest of my group the air dropped a few degrees!

So ended my last night in Bejing.  Tomorrow  a taxi to the airport  and a flight to Ho Chi Minh City.



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