Chinese breakfast, The Military Museum and the Summer Palace.

Another fitful nights sleep due to the AC and lights on in the corridor outside my room!

I have been buying bananas and water at a little shop just by the hotel and eating and drinking them for supper/breakfast.  I have found that by the time I get back from my daily travels I am so tired from the heat and the walking I dont want to go out again and last nights little trip to the theatre while enjoyable was really tiring.  I shall spend tonight doing some admin and washing and hopefully if ai manage a good nights sleep I will be fresh as a daisy for tomorrows adventures.  What about today?

I decided not to have a banana and try some dumplings from one of the hutong stalls instead.  Very tasty they were too.  If I was to liken them to anything they were similair to filo parcels stuffed with meat, type of meat unknown but really good.

Along to the subway, bag check and buy my ticket to the MM.  Hardly inconspicous the MM unfortunately was closed for renovations but the exhibits were outside in a number of shelters.

Lined up, sometimes 4 deep, it was difficult to read the description cards the largest collection was armour and field pieces from Russia, Canada, Italy and of course China.

   Also on display was some aircraft mostly Russian in origin but in chinese colours also there was a Canadian Beaver in Chineses colours and 2 wrecked US spy planes. There were a number of torpedo and rocket firing boats as well as 240mm naval guns.  A great display.  

Next on the list  was the Summer palace.  There has been a summer palace on this site since the 11th century however the present Palace was built in the 1800’s after the original was destroyed by Western forces in the Opium wars.  Built on a hillside and with two thirds of the grounds taken up by the popular Kunming Lake the Summer Palace is very popular with Bejingers and tourists alike.  In the summer it is filled with boats and in the winter skaters.  There are dispalys in the various halls of Jade and Porcelain and other artefacts.




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