Goooooood morning Vietnam!!!

I arried in Vietnam at 00:45 Saturday morning and headed for the airport hotel I had booked, mainly on price and location but the name sealed the deal Siagons BOOK hotel!  As soon as I got in my room I fired the ipad up to see if I could get on social networking sites which had been denied me whilst in China and bingo there they were!  With some posts made and tweets tweeted it was time for a snooze.

I woke about 6 hours later quite refreshed and ready to tackle breakfast which, as it turned out was not a big job. I went down to the dining area and was presented with a menu from which I picked cereal and bacon and eggs and was told only one only one so bacon and eggs it was!  After breakfast I repacked what little I had removed from my bag and started to fix out my photos and video clips as I had a few hours before I needed to vacate the room.  With that done I moved hotels into, it must be said a much bigger plusher city centre number!

I booked in and strolled up to the rooftop to have a look at the gym and pool area lovely I’ll be up there later.  Map in hand I struck out for the War Remnants Museum taking in the cathedral, opera house and Independence Palace on the way.  The museum was both amazing and heart rending with uncensored pics from the American war including the original Napalm Girl prize winning pic.  On 3 floors and a large outside exhibition area it was a stunning piece of not too old history and obviously a major part in Ho Chi Minh City/Siagons time line.


After a drink and some food I headed back to the hotel and a session in the gym.    A short sticky session in the hotel gym followed by a shower with Stan Ridgeway and SSgt Barry Sadler couldnae resist.

Had buffet supper in hotel.


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