Bikes, Cu Chi tunnels and final night in HCMC

Up bright and early and out the door for 7am.  The bus is an air conditioned oasis and with only 12 of us there is room to spare!  We were driven to a spot outside the city where our bikes were waiting on us.  Giant Ravels and all in good nick.  After a few minutes and an M check on each bike we were off.  Our guide was in front and we strung out behind him.  The road was quite busy but thankfully not as frenetic as the city.  We stopped after 12 miles for drinks and snacks and then headed off on the final 6 miles to the tunnels.  We were not goin fast averaging about 12mph but it was enough to feel a cooling breeze on your brow.  We arrd at the tunnels and followed our guide as he presented our tickets and we followed him along a well worn path.  He explained the history of Cu Chi and the tunnels and showed us hidden entrances.  We watched a documentary film about the American agressors being soundly whipped by the heros of Vietnam!

After the film we made our way deeper into the jungle and finally reached the tunnels.  They have been widened to allow tourists access and inside the tunnels was stifling we went into 2 a 30 meter long tunnel accompanied by a bat and a 100m long tunnel by the end of the 100m one sweat was dripping from my chin it was stifling!   


We had some food in one of the bunkers and headed for the bus via  a display of clothes making, bomb recycling and sandal production a display of gruesome booby traps rounded the visit off!


We got back on the bus and headed to HCMC via a stop for lunch at a roadside cafe.

Another early start tomorrow so it was food, packing and bed!



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