Time for a blast, garlands, luxury resort and home cooking. 

Another early rise today bags packed on bus and away for 7.  We really are getting quite practiced at this now.  We travelled north and picked the bikes up just outside HCMC.  We stayed as a group till the traffic thinned then Laura and I pushed on ahead.  The roads were not very good for some of the ride and a few of the group, that were not very experienced were not happy bikers!  After 20K we stopped for fluid and snacks and then climbed back on our bikes.  We stopped at a farm and the farmer showed us his crops- cashews, coffee, cocoa and pepper then we were on our way again another 20K and a stop for more fluid and snacks the regular topping up of fluids is required as its so hot you continually sweat.

Although I had taken the opportunitty to put the boot down I was taking in the countryside which was lush and mainly consisted of rubber plantations.  Little villes cropped up at regular intervals and even the tattiest cafe advertised free wifi oh have I mentioned we have wifi on the bus!  As well as villes there are regular retail outlets by the roadside from proper shops to people selling fruit from a moped.  Our tour guide got quite wound up when he explained these people pay no taxes and can make more than me!

The cycle today was 34 miles with 1250ft of climbing av speed was 15 mph compared to yesterdays 12,5.

Our guide was at pains to let us know that the  hotel we were using tonight was a special one off and that the others on the trip would not be up to the same standard!  We were met at the door with floral garlands and a drink and we walked out onto the terrace o view the 4 swimming pools and the beach front! 

  Once my bag was delivered to the room I got changed and went for a run along the beach just 3 miles but it was good!  

The evening meal was at a family run restaurant by the sea with half the menu swimming in tanks before you!  An excellent meal and a few beers set us back about £10!  Tomorrow we are biking from the hotel so although breakfast starts at 6 we dont need to be ready to leave till 7:30.  Nite all.


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