Holiday organisation, relaxed start to the day,  hairy descents and Da Lat city.

This combined GW and HCM trail cycling holiday is the first time I have done a packaged sport type holiday generally I will organise everything by myself but to enter the GW you have to go as part of an organised group and for this part of the holiday I went with Sports tours Int with Albatross Adventures being the overall organisers of the GW marathon. Everything went smoothly and apart from a few early rises there was nothing to complain about.  The hotels were good the race was hard but well oganised and the Ball at the end was good fun.

The HCM trail cycle is with Exodus holidays partly from a personal rec (always the best) and artly through research.  We are only a few days in so it might be a bit early to comment too much but the staff are good, the riding is good as well but subject to change due to local conditions, and the day to day organisation is slick.

I organised the combined flight pakage on my own and that was through STA in Edinburgh travel out went like clockwork as did the flight from China I cant believe I have only a week left!  As always it will be good to be home and thx to FB, Flickr, wordpress and instagram there will be loadsa memories of a great holiday.

Today we are starting from the hotel breakfast at 6 and the plan is to set off at 7:30 which means its time to move.

This morning was the hottest day so far.  We set off in a group as the first 5k or so was through the city some of the riding was pretty hairy just as well we never knew what was ahead!  We cycled through urban and rural areas with our regular stops it actually got cooler as we headed upwards and into a headwind.  28 miles with 1073 ft climbed.  We stopped at a hilltop cafe for coffee and lunch which was fruit, soup and chicken with sticky rice.  We climbed back into the bus and was dropped off about 45 mins later with another 11 miles to go on an undulating route!  The ascents were not too bad, the worst was 10%, and the descents were great if a little hairy due to the Vietmanese drivers habit of driving in the middle of the road!  

Da Lat city has quite a bit of French influence in its buildings and is a favoured resort with Vietmanese holidaymakers.  It has a lovely city centre with a lake and swan like pedalos for hire.  Well known for agri and horti culture it producesa vast array of veg and flowers.  There is a busy morning market as well.


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