Hotter than hell!

A start direct from the hotel this morning and a wee city tour ending up at the rail station for a look at a Swiss locomotive which helped the Vietmanese build thier rail network.

That was the only pleasent piece of the day!  Ghain the guide was determined to get as many as poss to do 100K today good plan as tomorrow is a rest day and the route inc a 43K descent, however the 30-34 degrees temp that the final 18K was done in was not in the plan!  The day followed the usual routine a couple of stops in the morning followed by a drive to the top of a mountain and then the 43k descent.  At the top it was nice and cool but as you progressed down the hill the temp just rose and rose, at one time I swear I could smell the tar as the road melted!  We stopped for lunch at a cafe attd to a petrol station and even here the food was great esp a pork dish.  We finished our meal and rested for a little while as we were starting the final leg from the petrol station.

This final milage was split into two with a break midway.  The heat was really effecting riders now and only four of us left for the last k’s.  Ghian is from the Taylor school of flet and in this last leg we climbed 1200 feet and had a headwind to contend with.

The final rider in, Russ, was quiet a bit back and we were begining to worry as at the last stop he hadnt looked very healthy at all.  But he made it!

Everyone rehydrated we climbed on the bus this time for a relitively short journey to our digs in Nha Trang.  The hotels in this trip have all been good and this was no exception with a pool and its own private beach.  After some rest and a freshen up we went out for dinner to thr Nha Trang yacht club great place good cocktails and amazing food!   So to bed.



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