Mad dugs and cyclists

Bags out, breakfast and mount up from the hotel!  Todays first ride was a nice and easy 10 miler around the bay East Nuek with sun!  App 1000 ft of climb and an average speed of 14.3 mph.  Nice and cool with a breeze from the water.  Then it was on the bus and a 3 hour drive to our lunch stop on Highway No 1 95% of which looks and feels like it is still under construction!

A meat broth was served as out main course followed by sticky rice and mangoes nice and light for what was ahead of us.  We left the cafe at just after 1 and it was like riding in a furnace we had 34 miles to complete and the guide decided that stops should be every 6 miles instead of 12.  The route was “fairly flet” just 1500 ft of climb in the distance but in the heat it was just torture.  We were taking full advantage of water and isotonic drinks at every stop.  Even the guide was feeling the pace as he jumped in the truck for the last 12 miles.  

It was a bit more  successfull today with 9 riders doing the full mileage and 1 coming from the bus to do the final stretch.  After some snacks, a celebratory beer and a quick frechen up it was back on the bus for the 45 minute ride to our next destination the seaside resort of Qui Nohn and the Seagull hotel.

My room was on the 10th floor with sweeping views across the bay.  The rest of the party met at 7pm for food and drinks I decided that I had other stuff to do and decided not to join them but to have an early night.


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