Rest day, run, boat trip and a wander round the shops.

I was wakened at 5;30 by traffic noise 9 floors below and a glimse of the sun rising through the curtains.  I took a look out the window at the beach and it was mobbed with early morning exercisers and fun seekers!  Not to be outdone I put my kit on and went out for an early morning run just 3 miles but it was enough.

 After a leisurely almost European breakfast we got on the bus and headed to Nha Trang harbour to catch our boat.  

 The harbour was busy with tourist boats either heading out to the local water park or, like us, a spot to swim and have a lazy relaxing day under blue skies.

First stop was a small island community who made thier living from the sea or tourists.  we walked through the main village to the other side and boarded coracles.  

  Although a small island, it took us about 15 mins to walk across it, it has 4 schools catering to over 400 children from 2-14 when they go to high school they get boats across to the mainland.

    Proceeding from the island we passed under the 3K long cable car to the theme park.

We reached a spot the cap’n deemed suitable, donned cossies and snorkelling gear and took to the refreshingly cool waters.  Lunch was served on board and afterwards we upped anchor and headed back to the hotel and some free time.

I had a rough guide with me and it had mentioned  The Cyclo Cafe a few minutes walk from where we were staying so when we returned to the hotel I set off to find it and with everyones agreement book a table for us to enjoy pizza!! pasta and beer! The food was good, beer was on a happy hpurr and the bill was split 10 ways with no problems!  The walk back was to include an ice cream BUFFET  I had passed in the afternoon unfortunately I could not find it and we ended up in The Puppet Theatre  which was a laugh a minute and resulted in not many of us getting what we wanted!  So to bed.



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