Hills are your friends and a long drive.

Another start from the hotel this morning at 7am.  The first few K’s were through the city and out to an almost abandoned road running north parallel with the coast line. 

  A straight, flat, black and heat reflecting surface that, after crossing a bridge and losing sight of the bay soon got boring.  It may have been an early start but the temperature was rising steadily and went from bearable to aaarghh I’m in a furnace in about 15 mins.  There was some relief though when we spotted some Vietmanese Penguins at the end of the road bridge across the bay a very rare sight!

We stopped after 17K’s cooled down and rehydrated and on our way, once again due to the heat it was decided to stop at 10k intervals.  The third stop of the day was at a war memorial which celebrated a win for the North Vietmanese over the South in 1965.

There were 3 undulations in today’s ride nothing too serious but entertaining none the less…..unless you were struggling lolol. Todays ride was 28 miles with 1445 ft of climb.  After the final climb there was a short descent and a final few K’s and we were done for the day.  We took the chance to get changed as we had a long drive ahead of us on the partially completed Highway No 1.  We did stop 3 times on the 4 hr drive but even in an air con coach it was hot n sticky.  The guide did his best to keep us awake and interested but we were bushed.  It was the usual slick operation at the hotel and once I was in the room with the air con on I started to feel alive again.  At 7 we left on the bus for our restaurant and dinner.  We had a way to walk even after we were dropped off and took in some of the local shops.  Another fantastic spread all for about £4.  Afterwards we headed for the tailors Clarkson had some clothes made at when TG did the Vietnam special.  Next door was a particularly cool and welcoming pub where we adjourned for a few beers.


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