Hue by bus, boat and foot.   Rail to Hanoi.

Some culture today with a whistlestop tour of Hue Citadel, Forbidden city and Pagodas.  The forbidden city reminded me a lot of Beijing not surprisingly as China ruled Vietnam for 1000 years!  Whilst visiting the Forbidden city we saw monks at prayer and a ceremony involving the releasing of caged sparrows.

After the tour we returned to the main part of the city by boat sailing past water buffaloes having a wee wallow in the cooling water.  

Our final call was to a village to the North of the city where they make incense sticks and traditional coolie hats.  Then it was back on the bus and out for lunch.  We returned back to the hotel with  a sharing arrgt worked out for day rooms to allow us all to get changed and freshened up as we move on today, by overnight train to Hanoi/Halong Bay.

I think the overpowering feeling as we travelled towards the train station was one of dread some folks had watched you tube vids and were not looking forward to the night on the sleeper.  We debussed outside a busy train station and gathered out luggage into a pile as the guide dealt with the tckets.  We were then ushered thru the station to an air conditioned waiting room complete with restful fish tank. 

   We were assigned bunks in a carriage and waited for the train to appear.  The rail system in Vietnam is run by the government and it looks like investment is low on the agenda.

The sleeper carraiges have 10 cabins 9 with 4 bunks and 1 with 2 bunks.  We were spread out along the carriage  and I was in a cabin with Dominic,  the guide and an elderly Vietmanese gentleman  who kept Jahn entertained with tales of the war!   Jahn provided GnT and Mojitos for those that wanted them purely to help them get to sleep of course!  When we got on the train I saw a cardboard with holes in it and assumed it was a cat however at 04:30  all was revealed when the bloody cock crowed!  The train arrived in Hanoi 90 minutes late which did not cause anyone any concern!

We got on a minibus and headed for our Hanoi hotel to freshen up, pack a day bag  and climb back on the bus.


One response to “Hue by bus, boat and foot.   Rail to Hanoi.

  1. joeythebuddhist

    I am pretty sure my mom just got back from there!

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